Thursday, December 30, 2010

New USAID monitor

Tracey Eaton, former Dallas Morning News correspondent in Cuba and author of the blog Along the Malecon, has started a web-based project to monitor USAID’s Cuba programs: Cuba Money Project.

He cites a CubaNews subscription-only story that reports that none of the $20 million allocated for the program for fiscal year 2010, which ended October 1, has been spent. Another post links to interviews he did in Cuba last summer on the USAID program and other topics.

He is filing Freedom of Information Act requests on USAID and State Department programs, and he is making the requests and any responses available on the website.

This is a job no one else has taken on in a systematic way, and it promises to be a project that has value regardless of our opinions of the USAID programs, past or present.

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