Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Odds and ends

  • The Herald’s Juan Tamayo looks at Cubans’ views of the coming layoffs; there’s opposition and apprehension coming from all sides.

  • Along the Malecon reports that Orlando Bosch was hospitalized yesterday, and provides links to coverage of Bosch’s public appearance in Miami last week.

  • Western Union will deliver remittances in Cuban convertible pesos and is reducing the rates it charges for remittances to Cubans, according to these reports in Cuban Colada and Cafe Fuerte. Update: Thanks to a reader, here's the Western Union announcement.

  • Herald: Miami Representative-elect David Rivera is under state investigation for possible payments from a dog track company.

  • Herald: Emilio Estefan publishes a history book: The Exile Experience: Journey to Freedom.

  • Herald: The January 10 trial date for Luis Posada Carriles is firm, and the judge has turned down defense efforts to throw out evidence from Cuba.

  • The Baltimore Sun reviews Havana Road, a Cuban restaurant in Towson, Maryland.

  • AP: “In Cuba, Santa's sleigh is a Boeing 737.”

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