Saturday, January 22, 2011

More from Wikileaks

From a June 17, 2008 cable from the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, recounting a conversation with the Brazilian embassy in Havana about the visit of Foreign Minister Celso Amorim:

“…during Amorim’s conversation with Raul Castro, the Cuban leader stated that he had no intention of lifting the ‘tarjeta blanca’ restriction on foreign travel by Cuban citizens at anytime in the near future. In response to a query from Amorim, Castro stated firmly that lifting this restriction would result in Cubans departing the island en masse, the bulk of them heading for Mexico. Castro believed this exodus would negatively influence the bilateral relationship between Mexico and Cuba. Castro also denied that any significant change to Cuba’s dual-currency system was in the works. While he conceded that the Convertible Peso/Ordinary Peso system created deep divisions in Cuban society, he stated that any change in the exchange rate to favor the ordinary peso would spike inflation in Cuba and lead to devastating food shortages.”


Unknown said...

raul castro was and is right

Anonymous said...

That tarjeta blanca comment by Raul Castro is a joke. Cubans need a visa to Mexico, lifting the tarjeta blanca has no impact on a Mexico exodus.
VP Carlos Lage, FM Perez Roque, and Minister of Basic Industries Marta Lomas Morales also attended the meeting between Amorim and Raul Castro.