Monday, January 31, 2011

Odds and ends

  • Telecom Italia, the foreign partner in the Cuban wireline and cellular phone monopoly Etecsa, has sold its share of the business to a state enterprise, Rafin S.A. (Bloomberg)

  • Politico says Rep. David Rivera’s “political condition has been downgraded from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘likely one-termer’ to ‘possible half-termer’ amid deepening corruption investigations, and [he] looks like a growing liability for the new GOP majority.” At Penultimos Dias, Ernesto Hernandez Busto says he’s hurting the cause.

  • From Wikileaks, a 2009 report from Embassy Caracas that Spain’s Repsol had canceled its plan to drill in Cuba’s Gulf waters.

  • The text of Rep. Buchanan’s bill to dissuade international oil companies from participating in Cuba’s energy development.

  • El Nuevo on a new documentary on Cuban Jewry.

  • Don’t say you weren’t warned: Juventud Rebelde explains that the government means business when it puts up “no parking” signs. Your car can get towed or booted, and there are fines to pay (in hard currency for foreigners or Cubans residing abroad).

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