Friday, February 25, 2011

More on the Alan Gross trial

CBS News finds a member of the Cuban Jewish community at the Vedado synagogue that says he had contact with Alan Gross. The man seems to be preparing to testify at trial.

CubaNet reported that Alan Gross would be represented at trial by Cuban attorney Ramon de la Cruz Ochoa, but Diario de Cuba contacted him by phone and he said it’s not so.

Reuters interviews Mrs. Gross, who says the family feels as if it is living “a curse.”


Anonymous said...

im glad CBS found a member of the Cuban jewish community who knows Mr Gross. However I've always felt that was a sideshow missing the point -- my understanding is that he's being charged with bringing in sophisticated communication equipment in violation of cuban law. NOt whether he knew or knows anyone in the jewish community.
As in most things Cuban, the real point is lost by those who obfuscate the salient issues.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what Cuban law did Mr. Gross "violated"? I can't ever get an answer to that.