Friday, February 25, 2011

Odds and ends

  • The Interior Ministry’s m.o. now seems to be to disrupt Cuba’s dissidents rather than to arrest, try, and jail them for long periods. The anniversary of Orlando Zapata’s death brought about 100 detentions and an acto de repudio against the Damas de Blanco (detailed roundup and photos at Penultimos Dias), and now it appears that detainees are being released (Diario de Cuba).

  • President Obama issues a statement on the anniversary of Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s death.

  • At Real Clear Politics, an assessment of Raul Castro’s three years in office by Ernesto Hernandez Busto of Penultimos Dias.

  • AP: The big layoffs have yet to take place.

  • In response to a Wall Street Journal column that asked why Cuba doesn’t go the way of Egypt, a Granma essayist poses questions of his own.

  • A story in today’s Granma begins: “National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon called today on Cuba’s youth to preserve the Revolution by participating responsibly in the debates on the country’s economic and social model.” A Juventud Rebelde headline praises Cuba’s youth, “heirs and protagonists.”

  • This Cuban government website looks to be a one-stop shop for government forms and procedures.

  • South Florida Daily Blog on a Cuban blogger who moved to the United States, continued blogging, one day expressed opposition to Senator Rubio’s ideas on travel to Cuba, and collided head-on with Miami politics.

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