Monday, August 15, 2011

A concert that must be stopped

Singer Pablo Milanes will perform August 27 in Miami, and his concert is drawing protests because Milanes is allegedly an “agent” of the Cuban government. (See Herald story; info on tour venues including Washington, August 26, is here.)

Other artists and protests have come and gone, but what is interesting here is that Milanes has a few things to say.

Milanes supports socialism, for starters, and doesn’t apologize for sending a message to Fidel Castro in 2006 that mixed get-well-soon wishes with some revolutionary fervor.

He gave an interview to El Nuevo Herald in which he criticized the “caste” system maintained by the Cuban government, as well as discrimination against blacks and self-censorship by Cuban media.

Also: “When one thinks of reforms, one believes that they are going to come together with a series of freedoms, such as freedom of expression, but it doesn’t occur that way.” He lamented that Cubans do not feel secure in their right to protest.

Reuters has a report in English.

In the Central Committee, I’m sure they’re cheering the protesters on.

[Reuters photo.]

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