Friday, August 12, 2011

“War Suspended, Peace Assured”

The New York Times Learning Network highlights the article from this day in 1898 about the agreement that ended hostilities in the Spanish-American War and set a course for negotiations between the United States and Spain for a final peace settlement.

Cubans tend to call it the “Spanish-Cuban-North American War,” or their own war of independence, for which they bled for decades.

The subsequent surrender instrument signed in Havana by the Spanish General Jimenez Castellanos and delivered to U.S. Army General Brooke said the following: “Sir: In compliance with the Treaty of Peace, the agreement of the military commissions of evacuation, and the orders of my King, there ceases to exist from this moment, today, January 1, 1899, at noon, the sovereignty of Spain in the island of Cuba, and there begins that of the United States.”

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