Monday, January 7, 2013

Odds and ends

Lots of catching up to do:

  • Granma has reported on the state of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ health by running the text of Venezuelan government statements, and there has been no sugarcoating.  From the December 30 statement: “Nineteen days after the complex operation, the state of health of President Chavez continues to be delicate, presenting complications that are being treated in a process that is not without risks.”  The January 3 statement told of a “severe pulmonary infection.”  The Washington Post looks at the situation in Venezuela as January 10 approaches, the day that Chavez is to be sworn in to a new term in Caracas, and a day he will surely spend in Havana.  According to USA Today, it’s possible that Venezuela’s Supreme Court would travel to Havana to administer the oath.

  • Herald: A David Rivera retrospective.

  • A December 28 (April Fool’s) chronicle of the First Lady’s visit to Cuba.

  • In last month’s Palabra Nueva, an article of mine recapping the U.S. election.

  • Granma: The restoration of El Cristo, the statue that overlooks Havana from a promontory across the bay, is done.

  • Herald: With the retirement of an office worker and a welder, there are no more Cubans crossing through the Guantanamo naval base gate to work every day.  Among their duties was to carry cash – more than $40,000 per month – to pay the pensions of Guantanamo retirees in their community.  In this story, the Herald’s Carol Rosenberg reports that the Navy has worked out a way to keep the pension payments flowing each month, but it won’t say what it is.

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