Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Strange travel stories

Part I: Beyonce and her husband have traveled to Cuba, God forbid.  Their trip drew a reaction that shows that a significant part of our beloved Miami political leadership is all about calling for freedom in Cuba and at the same time getting Washington to police ours.  Senator Flake, I think, hit the nail on the head: “Fine by me. Every American should have the right to travel there.”

Part II: A U.S. couple that lost custody of their children snatched them from their maternal grandparents, who were awarded custody, got on a boat and made off to Havana’s Marina Hemingway (CNN).  The Cuban government decided within 48 hours that they would not be welcome there and informed U.S. diplomats that it would hand over the parents and kids to U.S. authorities.  Details of the rendition apparently remain to be worked out.

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