Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Bay of Pigs today

On the anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Granma takes note of “the first big defeat of the empire” and runs an interview with pilot Enrique Carreras Rolas, who went on to attain the rank of General.  In El Nuevo Herald, veteran Julio González-Rebull recalls his comrades in the invading force – “heroes, martyrs at times forgotten by many” – and reflects:

“What a deep pain we feel when we know that communist Cuba has tagged us as mercenaries and even here in our exile capital, Miami, indoctrinated recent arrivals – after all that is what they were taught since childhood – and others of bad faith, have to have it explained to them who we were, who we are, and why we went to the invasion.”

In Diario de Cuba, Diego Trinidad writes a thorough history of the plan and the operation, wherein President Kennedy thoroughly betrayed a force that the United States recruited, trained, and sent into battle.

Today the landing site is a peaceful stretch of beach.  In the surrounding area there’s a museum and many monuments to Cuban police, reservists, and soldiers who died in battle.

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