Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Deliberate disinformation"

A new Fidel Castro “reflection” – or, as Agence France-Presse put it, an “article attributed to Cuban leader Fidel Castro” – claims that there was “deliberate disinformation” about 9/11, including that the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not by a plane, on that morning.

This is too ridiculous to refute. But in that some years have passed, and people outside the United States might consider this Castro thesis, I’ll note a single point of information. The Pentagon is surrounded by highways. The highways were full of traffic at that hour. The people in those cars saw the plane.

One wonders how officials in the Cuban government would respond if asked about this thesis.



I don't find the ghost-writer's latest "revelation" at all that surprising. One must remember that this new "hypothesis" supposedly comes from the same learned individual who once planned to produce an army of genetic super-cows bred to produce 300 liters of milk per day (I believe the number was somewhere around 300 - may be a bit off however).

leftside said...

Saying that there was disinformation regarding 9/11 and that certain "experts" and "an analysis" have concluded there are inconsistencies in the official story is different than Fidel flat-out saying that a missle hit the Pentagon. Sure it sounds like he is inclined to consider these conspiracy theorists questions, against my better judgement, but he does not flat out endorse them. He says we may never know the full story, but he seems to accept that terrorism and a hijacking was at work in much of the rest of the piece (ignored by the MSM).

Let us not also forget that 36% of Americans say a conspiracy or cover-up was at work. The figure is higher in many other countries. In highly educated New York, nearly 50% believe it. Obviously the Bush Admin. does not have much trust or good-will, for obvious reasons.

The (US) press also seems to have missed the main newsworthy item in the story - that Castro may have saved the life of President Reagan in 1984.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the highway travelers near the Pentagon on 9/11, they saw "A" plane.

What Gore Vidal had to say about September 11, 2001

By Gabriele Zamparini and Gore Vidal

Cubanow.- Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11.

As it was easily predictable, Independent's Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk's latest column, Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11 , generated a mixture of deafening silences, sarcastic responses and the usual choir of accusations of conspiracy theories.

In Bravo! Mr. Fisk - Robert Fisk and 9/11, praising Robert Fisk's courage, I quoted Gore Vidal, "Apparently, 'conspiracy stuff' is now shorthand for unspeakable truth."

Anonymous said...

It was The Man!

Unknown said...

Conspiracy theories just never stand up. People say the towers had explosives in them. Don't they think that the janitors and maintenance personnel would have to be in on the conspiracy to plant bombs in the world trade center too?

That's a lot of people to bring in on that conspiracy.

Also, if ANY of this crap were true, don't they think that and all the anti-Bush people would be digging hard for the facts?

And now they have the ghost of Fidel Castro on their side so I'm sure they are real happy that he is lending his credibility to the stupid conspiracy theories.


Anonymous said...

The question that no one I read about seem to have asked is:
How on earth did the Cuban security services in the USA could have possible known about a right wing conspiracy in North Carolina to try to kill Reagan? This is so farfetched and so laughable that I am amazed they let it pass without commenting on it. To think that supposed right wing members of a conspiracy could have had any type of contact with the Cuban security services based in N.Y. and in North Carolina no less, is to strech the truth just a little too far. But people like Leftside will believe anything no matter how stupid as long as it comes from Cuba, of course. Newsworthy indeed! It seems F. Castro or whoever ghost writes for him, think we must be stupid to believe such nonsense.

leftside said...

If half of Miami can think Fidel is dead, than I can think Fidel is not lying about this incident in North Carolina. (But he may be losing something up top to have written that 9/11 bit). We will see who is telling the truth about the assasination story..

Castro apparently mentioned the affair in 89 at a Council of State meeting - and there are transcripts b/w Malmierca and a US bureaucrat. Any secrets about this are held by Secret Service. And they haven't even been asked yet, as far as I can tell. I doubt they'd say anything anyhow - they never talk. It is probably against the "vital national interests" of the US for citizens to know Fidel saved Reagan. Who knows the affair might also involve Otto Reich, who grew up in Charlotte, NC...

Anonymous said...

Reagan had just inflicted a defeat on Castro with the invasion of Grenada where his soldiers who supposedly were going to fight to the last man and die wrapped in the flag, took off and ran like scare rabbits from the Marines. The Coronel in charge of the Cuban troops named Tortolo, was in fact demoted by Castro to a plain soldier and sent to Angola as punishment for his poor performance there. He even sought asylum in an embassy rather than risk being captured by US troops.
And you want us to believe that Castro felt magnanimous enough to tell the US authorities about a plot to kill Reagan and save his life after this ignominious defeat? Castro, who never forgets and offense and always collects on those who he perceives to have wronged him? This Mr.Leftside is stretching our credibility a little too far. Castro perceived Reagan as the worst enemy in a long while and he created the Territorial Militias out of fear of an invasion by US troops while Reagan was president. Just the same way Andropov feared an attack upon the Soviet Union and went paranoid issuing orders to KGB opearatives all over the world and programs to counteract this supposed attack that was coming. Operation RYAN was put into effect as a result of this paranoia by Andropov, the same way Castro issued orders for the tunnels and fortifications to be built all over Cuba. And this same guy, who was the cause of all this paranoia on both the Soviet Union and Cuba, Castro now wants us to believe that he, out of the goodness of his heart somehow told the US authorities that someone was out to kill him.
As a Hollywood script starring Ben Affleck, this a good story, but as a political true story is very far fetched and highly doubtful. The real historical facts do not support his version of the events.

leftside said...

Fidel certainly had reason to hate Reagan, but if he indeed tried to save his life, this would tell us a lot about this man.

Anonymous said...

No porque una mentira se repita 1000 veces se convertirá en verda, pero si es real que la cantidad de personas dispuestas a creerlas, será directamente proporcional a la cantidad de veces que se repita. Luego del 9/11, se propagaron las más fantásticas historias acerca del hecho, principalemtne por los enemigos acerrimos de eeuu.