Thursday, December 11, 2008

Odds and ends

  • At its summit last Monday, Caricom called for the United States to end its “economic, commercial and financial embargo against the Republic of Cuba.” Reuters report here.

  • Via Bloomberg, an Italian newspaper reports that Telefonica de Espana is in talks to buy the share of the Cuban phone monopoly Etecsa that is now owed by Telecom Italia.

  • The committee seeking a presidential pardon for Eduardo Arocena says it is not surprised that Arocena was not included in the pardons and commutations issued by President Bush last month. “We know,” it says in a statement on its website, that “this gift to the Cuban community, and especially to his family, we will receive it this Christmas.” Arocena was convicted in 1984 for murder of a Cuban diplomat and other charges; the judge who denied his appeal describes Arocena’s actions in this decision.


Anonymous said...

Glad your back! hope you had nice time off. we're getting ready for exicting time in US cuba policy with start of OB administration....

Could be a time when hard line exiles are relegated to the side in the debate? Could this epoch be the time when American interests, not narrow provoichal interests, drive our NATIONAL (not miami) policy.

I doubt it , but nice to hope.

Anonymous said...

idiot Spaniards celebrate the "triumph of the Revolution." what? no photos of the paredon? to add further insult to injury that stupid shot of Castro and Hemingway is so obviously a fake.