Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Odds and ends

  • Raul Castro is in Brazil for a Latin American/Caribbean summit, where Cuba will formally enter the Rio Group. Reporters asked him on arrival if he is willing to discuss the U.S. embargo with a new U.S. administration. He replied, “If Mr. Obama wants to discuss it, we’ll discuss it. If he doesn't want to discuss it, we won't discuss it.”

  • The prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago needs surgery, and heads to Cuba for the operation.

  • Cuba expects that 2008 will bring a record 2.34 million visitors, AP reports in a story that explains why Cuba is doing better than Caribbean neighbors this year, in spite of quality factors that discourage return visits. And Vice President Carlos Lage (see AFP Spanish) says Cuba is ready for the Americans to come, Cuban Americans or otherwise; “Our tourism sector and our people are prepared,” he said.

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theCardinal said...

it's a good thing the EUnuchs lifted all sanctions on Cuba so that Paya may travel freely....oh that's right he can't. Glad to see that dialogue and open channel of communications is working out so well for them.