Sunday, December 21, 2008

Odds and ends

  • The Russian destroyer Admiral Chabanenko entering Havana Bay, December 19, 2008. [AFP photo]

  • Ag Journal: the U.S. farm sector is looking for increased exports to Cuba during an Obama Administration.

  • If you read Spanish, it’s worth absorbing the Brazilian president’s comments at the end of this press conference with Raul Castro. It gives a good indication of Brazil’s view of U.S. Cuba policy, its expectations of the Obama presidency, and of what the Obama Administration can expect to hear from Latin America. Not all the pressure to change Cuba policy will be domestic.

  • More on the 50th anniversary: a long survey from AP correspondent Anita Snow, with lots of street-level perspective.

  • AP: Key dates in the past 50 years of Cuba’s history.


Anonymous said...

good report by anita.. someone actually with real street experience describing the complex reality of cuba.. -- refreshing in comparison with the picture described by folk in calle ocho, many of whom , can't speak spanish or haven't been back in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I do not think you have ever been to calle 8 or even know any Cubans. Everybody in calle 8 speaks Spanish. Good try to discredit Cubans in Miami, but no cigar.
Anita repeats what he have herard from Anita before. The same old stuff we hear from Morgan Neill, Lucia Newman and others., Cubans atre happy to be poor and forego any materials goods. If only that was the case, you would be happy,but sadly for all of you, that is not true. They long and want all those things Anita says they do not want. They just do not tell Anita. Thay know who they can talk to and who they can't.