Thursday, March 12, 2009

Odds and ends

  • Cuba and Mexico play tonight to complete Pool B play in the World Baseball Classic; both will advance to the next round in San Diego, where the winner will face Japan and the loser South Korea, both on Sunday. I missed Fidel Castro’s commentary criticizing the Cuban team’s base running errors in the first game; it’s translated in the Herald’s blog, with a link to the original. Granma’s special section on the tournament is here.


leftside said...

Reporters Without Borders says zilch about the fact that the US embargo blocks Cuba from obtaining a faster and more efficient internet connection, which would allow for service to be spread around more. Anyone who's been to Cuba knows the current satellite based system is strained and slow, to say the least. If the US were to allow Cuba to connect to the fiber optic cable running near Cuba, there would be no reason not to greatly expand service. Cuba beleives that the internet (like all public services) ought to be for everyone. Until it has enough capacity to provide that level of access, service has to be rationed to keep it working at a servicable level for those who need it most (at schools, health centers, government offices, etc.). RSF needs to at least mention this critically important fact.

Anonymous said...

the reason they don't cite such drivel is because as sentient beings it doesn't pass the laugh test.

Anonymous said...

Peters, I hear Kim Jong Il is a huge ping pong fan. will you publish his commentary on North Korea's next big match?