Monday, March 30, 2009

Odds and ends

  • Amnesty International says Cuba Should be part of the Summit of the Americas April 17-19 in Trinidad, and for good measure calls for the end of the U.S. embargo. Cuba’s is the only government excluded from the summit.

  • Notimex: A Cuban government decision allows a Germany-based charity to repair and renovate four churches in Havana province. Last month I wrote about one of those churches, in Guira de Melena. Some coverage in English at The Herald’s Cuban Colada.

  • The Council on Hemispheric Affairs takes a look at Cuba’s admission to the Rio Group last year. Cuba’s inclusion marks the “continued decline of the United States’ standing in Latin America,” the report says. Also this: “While Cuba’s new role is of unquestionable benefit to the island, it could pose an element of risk in that it may breed complacency in the regime and discourage the Castro government from making the necessary political and social concessions that would promote democratic values and reform some of the more Stalinist aspects of the economy.”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How is it that Miami folks continue to say embargo is pro-human rights , while Amnesty international, the most prominent, objective human rights organization in world, calls for end of embargo, is beyond me.

I know, amnesty is 'liberal', just like the media is 'liberal' according to the babluisians.

As Colbert once sagaciously noted "reality has a liberal bias"