Monday, January 18, 2010

Odds and ends

  • Granma publishes a health ministry note confirming the death of 26 patients in a psychiatric hospital in Havana during the recent cold snap and pointing to negligence on the part of hospital authorities. An investigative commission has been set up, the note says, and those responsible will end up in court. AP story here.

  • Here’s a story of a Unitarian Universalist Church group that was turned away from Cuba in late December, despite having made many trips there before.

  • Alejandro Armengol notes at Cuaderno de Cuba that there’s a private gymnasium in Santiago too, and he wrote about it in 2006. My earlier post here.

  • The Wilson Center summarizes (pdf, nine pages) a conference it held last November: “Engaging Cuba: Policy Options for the United States, Europe, and the Western Hemisphere.”

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