Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cuba-Venezuela agreements

From Reuters, a report on economic agreements signed by Cuba and Venezuela; oil exploration on land and offshore, telecommunications, nickel, fisheries, construction, tourism are included. Granma’s summary in English is here.

A plant to upgrade heavy crude oil would increase the value of the Cuban crude from the north coast east of Havana, and a “regasification” plant would enable Cuba to use liquid natural gas from Venezuela.

There’s also a plan to create a joint venture for the “construction and subsequent exploitation” of a hotel on Cayo Paredon Grande, which would be a departure from the recent practice of building hotel with Cuban capital and operating them under Cuban ownership with management contracts with foreign hotel companies.

Cuban media headlined these agreements as a sign of “integration.” In Mexico’s La Jornada, Gerardo Arreola points out that Cuban officials did not react to Hugo Chavez’ concept of “a confederation of republics.” Chavez was on Cuban television for nearly eight hours over the course of two days, Arreola reports. In his analysis the coverage of Chavez’ visit carried the message that the Cuba-Venezuela relationship is “anchored to political institutions,” is tied to “the next generation of Cuban leaders,” and “does not depend on the close relationship between Chavez and Fidel.”


Enrique Soldevilla said...

Lo de la confederación es lo que puede considerarse como el feto de una fantasía política.

Anonymous said...

Eso de la confedaración es puro bla,bla,bla. Because of the money he brings, whatever Chávez says is hypocritacally accepted in Cuba.

Anonymous said...

The deepening links between Cuba and Venezuela strengthen the two and strengthen all of Latin America as the process of continental integration proceed, step by step, poco a poco.

You provide lots of good information and make good sense, Phil.

Please find a way to add the CubaNews group at Yahoo to your links. I copy and send your stuff frequently.


Walter Lippmann
passing through Mexico on my way back for another extended research visit to Cuba. Will be there as of tomorrow afternoon.

Fantomas said...

Walter please go and visit The Ladies in White and a few other dissidents while you are there...

Show them your moral support in their struggle , after all they are Cubans , right