Friday, October 12, 2007

Odds and ends

  • “We seem to have had good cooperation from the Cubans on these law enforcement and drug issues,” a U.S. diplomat tells Reuters, as Raul makes his third rendition of an American wanted on criminal charges here.

  • Gloom and doom, fear and loathing, an ascendant Left, drugs, guerrillas, subversion, a hemisphere going completely down the tubes – and all of this at 5:14 a.m., no less, from our friends at Western Hemisphere. Before or after their coffee, I don’t know. It’s the State Department’s fault.

  • The U.S. government wants Canada to hand over passenger lists and more, 72 hours in advance and then with updates, for flights that depart Canada, cross U.S. airspace, and land in a third country. There are two Cuba angles here: 1) this would be a problem for Americans who go to Cuba via Canada, and 2) if Cuba asked the same of the many U.S. flights that cross Cuban airspace, would Washington agree?

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leftside said...

Here is what the Cuban Government says about this dissident Bush wants freed:

"Another similar case is that of José Luis García Paneque, another mercenary, who was tried for his activities as breadwinner at the service of the US hostile and aggressive policy against Cuba. He kept links of conspiracy with officials from the USIS in Havana. He even welcomed former head of that diplomatic venue James Cason at his house. He carried out acts seeking to destroy the constitutional order adopted by the overwhelming majority of the Cuban people.

In a public hearing, it was proved that he received instructions and money from the US government and the Miami-based anti-Cuban mob, his partner in crime in his activities against the sovereignty and the very existence of an independent Cuban nation.

Paneque has a bronchial asthma background and since he went to prison, he has shown anxiety and depression, for which a psychiatrist has seen him on several occasions with a diagnostic of a anxious-depressive situation that has led him to hospitals for a strict follow-up treatment.

He also had diarrheic excretions, colic, and weight loss. Specialists in Internal Medicine and gastroenterologists have diagnosed a severe giardiasis-related colitis, duly taken care of.

He is currently undergoing medical treatment, with diet and vitamin supplements. Paneque eats very little, on his own free will, to lose weight and give a look of physical deterioration to get a release on medical grounds.

His wife Yamilé de los Ángeles Llanes Labrada, following instructions and with funds from the USIS in Havana, is disseminating trumped-up stories of mistreatment to his husband. She also maintains links with members of the Miami-based terrorists clusters of Cuban descents.

As to Paneque, despite his expressed wishes to migrate to the US through the USIS-sponsored Refugees Program, the USIS has denied him that benefit and have asked him to continue stockpiling “merits and services”.

All mercenaries in prison, like the rest of Cuba’s penal population, are provided with benefits such as: familiar visits, right to use matrimonial quarters, phone calls (100 minutes a month) and religious assistance.