Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On the international front

Italy apparently joins Spain in breaking from the EU consensus, opting in favor of a “constructive dialogue” and moving beyond the 2003 diplomatic sanctions, which are suspended.

The president of Honduras visits Cuba, talks with Raul Castro, but apparently encounters a snag that prevents signing of a treaty to establish a maritime border with Cuba. This VOA report offers reasons that have nothing to do with Cuba.

With the explicit purpose of offsetting Spain’s position within the EU, a U.S.-sponsored conference in Lithuania will try to get the Baltic states involved in the Cuba issue. Here’s the report from the Radio Marti website.

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Fantomas said...

en una Cuba democratica Phil tu vas a ver como vamos a poner a gozar a los españoles , los italianos y a los canadienses especificamente...

Seras testigo de lo que te digo phil