Friday, March 7, 2008

"What needs to change is Cuba"

President Bush spoke about Cuba at the White House today after receiving former political prisoner Miguel Sigler Amaya and his wife Josefa. In addition to his defense of human rights and his reiteration of his policy intentions, he chided nations that fail to stand up for human rights in Cuba.

He praised Eastern European countries but said nothing about recent human rights statements by Great Britain, France, the Vatican, and the EU. He again spoke in the name of the Cuban people: “When a new day finally dawns for Cubans, they will remember the few brave nations that stood with them, and the many that did not.”

His full remarks are here.


Anonymous said...

And this coming from a neo-con. Bush keep you hands off of Cuba. I am very anti-castro but this is great example of Imperalist/colonial thinking. We "know" what YOU need.

Sounds like the spanish hablando de los indios en peru hace 200 anos. It was then also in the "name of freedom"

Anonymous said...

Whatever Bush says about the need for justice and democracy in Cuba, is discredited by his actions, like today's announced veto of the waterboarding prohibition. In other words, let everyone be aware that whoever falls into our hands should know what to expect. That is Bush's message. We Cubans could not have a worse spokesman for our cause, in my humble opinion.

Fantomas said...

Asi es phil y estamos apunttando a los paises que nos hicieron daño

como canada, españa , muchos de latinoamerica, tu vas a ver el que rie ultimo rie mejor

la van a pagar bien caro for the next 100 years

Anonymous said...

the first two posters are idiots...