Friday, May 2, 2008


The child custody case involving the daughter of Rafael Izquierdo of Cabaiguan was settled last year with a two-year arrangement that keeps him here and allows the former foster family to visit his daughter.

The arrangement is working, but Izquierdo is homesick.

In an interview with Wilfredo Cancio of El Nuevo Herald, Izquierdo says that as soon as the two years expire, “I don’s want to be here even one hour more. What I want is to be in Cabaiguan, where my world, my family, my people are…”

His current wife, pregnant with their son, returned to Cuba and is soon to give birth. She went back, Izquierdo said, “not only for the medical benefits” in Cuba, “but also because I want my son to be born in the warmth of that land…I’m Cuban and I feel that way.”

“I have nothing to do with the Cuban government…politics does not interest me, I don’t know about politics and I am not interested in the news from anywhere,” he continued. “I’m just a guajiro from Cabaiguan who misses the tamal with the scent of fresh corn [maiz tierno], having coffee in my neighbor’s house, working the land and caring for animals: that is my world, and I’m proud of it.”


theCardinal said...
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theCardinal said...

it's funny how here in Miami we think every Cuban would love to live in our little world but that isn't true, obviously. there are guajiros and even many others who have no issues with the way things are. We may mock them for their simple ways but you can't teach them to be ambitious and enjoy the trappings of wealth. Is it the best life for his kid, probably not but it's his son so let him go already.

Anonymous said...

he doesn't appreciate the cold banal existance of suburbia USA. Where one must own a car to survive and no where to walk.

From my experience with most Latin americans, including Cuban, that is the one aspect, but its majort, that just can't handle about usa --- no one on streets, suburbia, mcDonalds, fat asses everywhere who wouldn't know how to locate even Canada on the map.

sometimes these things, the bubba culture so present in the usa, are even more harmful so much so as to make someone to deny freedom.

As wilfredo states in his own words:

"but also because I want my son to be born in the warmth of that land…I’m Cuban and I feel that way.”

Yo dude, there ain't know love in bubba land.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of May 2, 2008 3:02 PM
No one is holding you back in Bubbaland as you call it, or stopping you, or preventing you from leaving it, so you can go back to your country of origin whatever it may be, anytime you feel you no longer like it here in Bubbaland. I wonder why you don't care to leave and continue to suffer and bear with us?