Friday, July 25, 2008

Congressional oversight, up close

Here are two Congressional letters regarding the USAID Cuba program. Both are from Rep. Howard Berman, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; one is directed to the USAID administrator, and the other to her and to the Secretary of State.


Mambi_Watch said...

Thanks for providing the documents. Rep. Berman's position is fair.

I mean, does Frank Calzon really expect people to think that because he alone was able to discover a malfeasance inside his organization, then everything is OK?

Just who does he think he is?

Anonymous said...

The funds should be cut.. it will still all end up in miami or compormise the interests of real dissidents in cuba

Anonymous said...

Mambo (Benavides),

Who do you think you are? What evidence you have to doubt Mr. Calzón? If you have any, bring it on, otherwise, stick to matters that affect you. You may begin opining when you start paying taxes in the US.


Mambi_Watch said...

I never said I doubted Calzon. I believe everything he has said about the matter of CFC's lost money.

But, you will never convince anybody that accountability of tax funds ends at the desk of one man, who just so happens to be the director of the organization under investigation.

Saludos back at 'cha.

Anonymous said...

USAID, here's another example of how Cuba govt uses these actions to justify its siege mentality re control over citizenship. Could you imagine if Iran set up a program spending millions to change US government, which included US citizens directly involved? The arrogance of US to blatantly interfere in another country this way is astounding; that's why the dissidents who accept US material or financial aid are nothing but agents of a foreign power -- as the US would treat them. And then to find out the whole USAID is corrupt, well there's a surprise, and it just plays so well into the hands of Cuban government. When will US show the least bit of sophistication when it comes to its relationship to Cuba; everything they've done for the past 50 years has been so counterproductive. A joke

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post by ANON... well put.