Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Odds and ends

  • A Colorado company faces charges for an embargo violation – providing Cuba software “to create a model of the potential exploration and development of oil and gas within the territorial waters of Cuba.”

  • Shake it off, Randy: Media personality Randy Alonso comments tersely and unhappily about the recent defeat of the Cuban baseball team at a tournament in the Netherlands. The recriminations don’t stop there, as Wilfredo Cancio reports in El Nuevo.

  • Prensa Latina reports that a petition seeking Luis Posada Carriles’ extradition from the United States to Panama is making its way through the Panamanian judicial process. The petition, PL’s story says, was initiated by “labor unions, indigenous organizations, and student movements.” (English version here.)

  • The Herald’s blog Cuban Colada found and translated part of an interview that singer Pablo Milanes, now touring abroad, gave to a Spanish newspaper. An excerpt: “What I don't understand is how everything stays the same; and that is why, as a revolutionary, I demand changes. Now we have a new opportunity, like the one that arose when the Soviet Union collapsed and we could all have found our own independent path. But we didn't. The people expect changes; the world is expecting them.”

  • Cuban Colada also added to the discussion of last weekend’s New York Times Magazine article on Miami politics. Reps. Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart both declined to be interviewed for the article, but the former talked about Cuban American travel in an interview with the Herald earlier this year: “The U.S. tourism ban, which is the most important aspect of the embargo, would simply become unsustainable if Cuban American members of Congress advocated unrestricted travel for Cuban exiles. How could I ask my colleagues from other states to continue prohibiting travel to Cuba by their constituents if I were advocating unrestricted travel to Cuba for Cuban Americans?”


Anonymous said...

"A Colorado company faces charges for an embargo violation"

This is violation of the constitution. Right of private assebly and private sector to engage in productive activities.

Only in Miami, does one see rabid right wingers who want to restrict trade and the personal choices and behavior of the individual being.,

Anonymous said...

Posada Carriles is a terrorist (AND facist) en punto.