Friday, July 25, 2008

No, the Russians are not coming

If you have little pangs of nostalgia for the Cold War, the recent story about the possibility of Russian bombers in Cuba turns out to be a big, big disappointment.

The Russians are not playing the part of the angry bear: in Moscow, the defense ministry spokesman said, on the record, that the story amounts to “disinformation and another media hoax.” The White House won’t play along, either: it’s“just speculation and hypotheticals.”

Fidel Castro is the only one who came close to playing his part. He issued a commentary (English here) that praised his brother’s silence in the matter, saying there’s no need “to give explanations.” He went on: “What is needed in times of genocide is nerves of steel, and Cuba has them. The empire knows it.”

There is still no indication that anyone ever asked Cuba’s government about the idea of basing long-range bombers or receiving them for refueling stops, and no indication of Havana’s opinion on the matter.

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Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha, Fidel Castro, as usual, wanted to be the protagonist in this non-story, and shift attention away from the fact that neither him nor his govt. were even mentioned. As if they did not exist. Let alone notified. So he wanted to let everyone know, in his own shrewd way, that he is still there. He even had to speak up for his brother, even if it was just to approve of his silence. LOL