Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike's damages

The damage from Ike is coming into clearer focus. Reuters reports on economic sectors that were slammed or spared, and cites an early UN estimate of $3-4 billion total damage. El Nuevo Herald reports on the horrendous damage to small towns in eastern Cuba. A Herald article cites an estimate of 320,000 homes damaged or wrecked by Gustav and Ike, and this widely circulated video makes credible the many reports about small towns where most houses are wiped out. The video is one of many Cuban media reports that detail the extent of local damage, but the central government has yet to present an assessment of the nationwide damage (e.g. to food supplies) and has not indicated when electricity and running water might be restored in the communities that lack those utilities. As for the leadership, state television has shown Raul Castro at work with other officials and on the phone with foreign leaders, but he has not addressed the public nor gone to affected areas; AP report here.


Fantomas said...

La contra revoluton peters comenzara desde Oriente hasta occidente

Orientales molestos con la ayuda gubernamental

En la mayoria de los casos es nula

Se apaga una dictadura...CUBA JAMAS SERA IGUAL

Anonymous said...

The question is why is Raúl acting the way he is. Why is he so removed from what is happening. You would think he would have taken a helicopter and visit some of those towns, talk to the people and bring them some hope. Instead, I have seen Machado Ventura inspecting some areas and that's it. What is actually happening in Cuba?

leftside said...

Fidel has been touring the country (according to his latest reflection) and Raul is not the kind of guy to go and put on a show for the sake of it. The people know he is on top if it, from whereever he is. A public speech would not be worth much as the affected areas are still without much electricity.

Anonymous said...

"Fidel" "Raul" "The people" Leftside, you are such a grotesque revolutionary wanna-be. You would not last a month in Cuba before scurrying back to the US for your lattes, birkenstocks, and other trappings of your no doubt bourgeois lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Leftside has Fidel now touring the country. Maybe just like Chavez had him last year visiting the towns at night. Raul is not a showman and the people know magically that he is on top of everything. Boy, he is got it all figured out, doesn't he?
Somehow I am sure the smoke Leftside is toking out there in California is excellent quiality and as a result, he is hallucinating from its effects.
Anon, you are right, these types of caviar revolutionaries would last about 1 week in the real Cuba before screaming to be taken back to the "Imperialistic and fascist USA". What a clown!

Anonymous said...

The generalato is in full control and they don’t want Raul to catch not even a catarro. According to Ramiro, Raul is the cancerbero, the problem they have is that they had two before, only one left now, wont risk him. You are going to see a pattern; they will take extreme care of Raul. They might be also reserving the big show for Chavez to appear as the savior of the devastation.