Friday, September 12, 2008

More damage reports

  • La Jornada: 370,000 houses were damaged by Ike and Gustav, of which 48,000 are totally destroyed, and 153 buildings collapsed in Havana.

  • Granma on the hurricane damage, with photos. Also, an article on the deployment of Cuba’s strategic reserves, with an important caveat at the top – they’re not enough to meet the needs of the current emergency.


Anonymous said...

In interview with Univision, Mclame strongly says he is against temporarily increase amount of remittances of Cuban-americans to their family b/c of huriccan devestation.

And this guy says he is for family values? what an utter disgrace.

for full video see:

Anonymous said...

Here it is from exact transcript:

Ramos:..." As you know, Hurricane Gustav devastated Cuba, and now it seems that Ike might affect Cuba again. So, the questions is if you would support lifting the restrictions maybe ninety days, one hundred and twenty days, so that people in the United States can send money to their families in Cuba?"


"I am all for humanitarian assistance, if humanitarian assistance anywhere in the world is needed when people are in an emergency or crisis or are devastated. But no, I am not for lifting restrictions on sending money...."


Fantomas said...

The tyrants in Cuba must go NOW