Friday, August 7, 2009

Exit Mel Martinez

From Politico: Florida Republican Senator Mel Martinez told his staff he will resign from the Senate this month rather than finish his term.


leftside said...

I smell a rat... his reappointment will be interesting. Will it have to be a Cuban replacing him? Or at least someone sufficiently pro-embargo. That is a given.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it'll be interesting to see what will happen next.
maybe he's' going on tour with the other quitter, sarah what's her name.

you wouldn't think the replacement would be worse, but then in flordia anything is possible.
oh well, we can always hope for some reality.

Anonymous said...

the word is the Florida governor may appoint HIMSELF to replace Mel. Another example of the banana republic politics. typical

Anonymous said...

mel we're gonna miss ya -- NOT