Monday, August 17, 2009

Go, Juanes, go (continued)

  • Cuba Study Group leader Carlos Saladrigas supports the concert and addresses the Cuban American community, saying “we are quick to judge from the comforts of exile and rapidly close the door to limited opportunities for openness…It is also possible that the Cuban government is waiting for what has always been its safe formula: to let exile organizations do its dirty work.” His article was published in El Nuevo Herald; English and Spanish versions are here.


Anonymous said...

if the Cuban study group supports the concert, then maybe attitudes are really starting to change, maybe the end of isolation is near. now lets see how the extreme right reacts to this.
50 years of isolation based on the anti-castro industry has been an unmitigated failure. is it possible that reality is finally sinking in?

brianmack said...

I visited Czechoslovakia in 1971
as an emissary of Good Will, with
54 children (7=17 years old)
I was 21 and we went to Romania,
a tough country at that time to sing
for the children of that country.
We made so many friends and the people loved us! Romania, isn't
free because of that visit but I can't help but wonder if our visit helped. Cuba! It needs to be free but will not by placing barricades!
Let this man sing!

Anonymous said...

what about all those Cuban musicians who fled the regime's control and censorship and are now washing dishes or sweeping floors in countries all over the world because they weren't allowed to pursue their dreams at home? Will Juanes dedicate a song to them?


Fantomas said...

Juanes is a Go