Friday, August 28, 2009

Odds and ends

  • AP reports that with one month to go in fiscal year 2009, significantly fewer Cubans are arriving in the United States by sea or by crossing the Mexican border, or are being intercepted at sea. When the numbers go up, everyone says it’s a sign of desperation in Cuba – so does this mean everybody’s happy?

  • Cuban rocker Gorki Aguila, now in Mexico, comments on the Juanes concert in this video posted at Cubaencuentro.

  • A Miami radio personality, Javier Ceriani, says he will hold a freedom concert in Miami on the same day as the Juanes concert in Cuba.


Anonymous said...

good luck finding freedom in miami.

and news re New Zealand bank fined by Americans for cuba related business. and those idiots still claim embargo etal has no affect, please don't blame the innocent americans. idiots.

Anonymous said...

Not sure who you're referring to, Einstein, but it seems it's your side -- the regime bootlickers -- that has a problem arguing for lifting the embargo. Ie, it should be lifted because it has had no impact on the regime or because it has had too much of an impact on the regime. As I tried to patiently explain in an earlier post, no one who supports the embargo is going to argue it has had no impact. Apparently it wasn't able to penetrate your thick skull or else your tinfoil hat blocked any thought processing.