Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Darsi Ferrer released

I’ll let things speak for themselves.

Darsi Ferrer, 40, a physician and human rights activist, was jailed last July and went to court yesterday. He faced charges related to purchase of building supplies on the black market, was convicted, received credit for time served and will end his sentence by serving three more months under house arrest. Reuters report here.

“I would like to think that [my release] is a result of the Catholic Church’s effort,” Ferrer told El Pais from his home. He continued: “What should be the solution in Cuba? Dialogue: the dialogue of the Church and civil society; between the people and the government; between the diaspora and Cuba; the dialogue between the European Union and the Cuban government…that is the solution for the Cuban people.”


Anonymous said...

and the dialogue between the Cuban government and the American government. It's time for American policy of unilateral non-engagement to end. Even the dissident know that

Anonymous said...

European Union has nothing to do in the Cuban issue, the best they can do is to keep apart and silent.

Anonymous said...

I originally sent the message below on June 24th. Here it is, again, hoping it will be posted this time. Thanks.
Amazing? Hardly.

Mr. Claver-Carone just stated the obvious: the Catholic Church is an authoritarian, hierarchical institution.

Mr. de la Grange is right on target: the Church is looking for future political advantages for themselves. Soon the Church will send their ideological-political bill to the Castros, and much worse, to the Cuban nation, present & future.

What does the Church want? Clearly, dilution, or even a de facto (if not necessarily constitutional) end of the Church-State separation.

Just read the Vatican chancellor Mamberti´s keynote speech to the Havana Catholic gathering last week. He unveiled their game.

A new, democratic Cuban Republic-- truly secular and free of all enforced, totalitarian ideologies (religious or otherwise)--might be mortgaged before birth by the Church-Castros collusion.