Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Odds and ends

  • AP: Seven political prisoners have been moved to prisons close to their homes and families. It remains to be seen whether this presages release of these or others, pursuant to the government’s discussions with the Catholic Church. The Archdiocese of Havana released a statement with prisoners’ names and destinations; Prensa Latina transmitted it, and Cuban Colada translates it here.

  • La Razon publishes a short excerpt from a new biography of Raul Castro by journalist Vicente Botin.

  • Kendry Morales, formerly of Sancti Spiritus and until last week the hottest hitter on the Angels, broke his leg Saturday while celebrating a walk-off grand slam honron.

  • Cuban phone monopoly Etecsa’s new rates for cellular calls are now in effect. It’s a “simpler” scheme, the announcement says. Decide for yourself.

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