Friday, June 18, 2010

Odds and ends

  • Secretary of State Clinton met yesterday with the family of USAID contractor Alan Gross and issued a statement calling again for his release and pointing out that his “continued detention…is harming U.S.-Cuba relations.”

  • Cuban media report that one of the “Cuban five,” Ramon Labanino whose sentence was recently reduced, has been transferred from a high-security prison to a medium-security prison.

  • La Jornada interviews economist Carmelo Mesa-Lago, who is participating in the Catholic Church’s conference this week in Havana.

  • Reuters: new Cuban data show “little Internet and telecom progress.”

  • AP: Tampa’s mayor wants Cuba flights from Tampa’s airport.

1 comment:

leftside said...

The Reuters headline "little telecom progress" could not have been more off base. If there is a country in the world that had faster growth in cel phones I'd like to know it. They went from having tens of thousands to projecting a million phones by the end of the year. Yes, Cuba still lags behind the region. But there was huge progress last year.