Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to roast a pig

Today's New York Times shows how to roast a pig, purchased whole “without the viscera.” Works fine if you have a farm upstate, a backhoe, a quarry full of rocks, a shop-vac rigged up to stoke the fire, and lots of other paraphernalia. But it was a successful pit-roast, and don’t skip the slideshow.

In other latitudes, if you don’t mind doing without the stuffing, they get great results with above-ground roasting and what seems to be a lot less trouble.


Walter Lippmann said...

Above-ground roasting is really delicious, but it takes a very long time and, if you're anywhere in the area, you have to put up with the truly dreadful sound of the pig being killed.

I've witnessed this distressing spectacle in Eastern Cuba more than once. It's pretty nasty, but the roast pig is the best I've ever eaten.

pOpEyE said...

just go to Miami and ask for "caja china"