Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Odds and ends

  • Herald: A Cuban rafter is rescued after 25 days at sea; he was drifting 51 miles south of Marathon Key.

  • El Mundo on the impact of the announced prisoner releases on the Damas de Blanco.

  • Rep. Bill Delahunt reminds the Washington Post that when it argued in an editorial for maintaining Cuba travel restrictions, it invoked the name of Guillermo Farinas and others who favor ending the restrictions.

  • Reuters: The Salvadoran nabbed in Venezuela in connection with the 1997 hotel bombings in Cuba was handed over to Cuba.

  • McClatchy: Confessed Cuban spies Walter and Gwendolyn Myers want to be jailed near each other, and far from Florida.

  • FT’s Latin America editor sees Cuba sending a market signal: that Venezuela is an “underperforming” asset.

  • Washington Post: The Skakespeare folio saga – England to Cuba to Washington’s Folger Library – ends in British court with a conviction on charges of handling stolen goods. More here.

  • From Brett Sokol at Slate: While the Russian spy story is still fresh, a review of shortwave radio “numbers stations” that intelligence services, including Cuba’s, use to communicate with their agents.

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