Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Guillermo Farinas was interviewed by El Pais; excerpts:

“Above all it has been a victory for Cuba, because the repressed won but so did the repressors; they also had to concede and learn to walk toward reconciliation.”

“It is time to look forward. We cannot stay here – neither the government, nor the opposition, nor the international community: it is a window that has opened and we have to take advantage of it.”

He is of the opinion that the United States should seize the current moment “to move” and to authorize travel by American tourists. In his view, this would be the best help for changes in Cuba. “The visits of millions of United States citizens would without a doubt change this country, just as did the arrival of exiles in 1979.”

[On the meaning of Fidel Castro’s public appearances as the prisoner releases began:] “It gives the measure that this entire play has been made with the consent of Fidel Castro, that he is lucid and he is behind everything.”

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