Monday, December 13, 2010

More from Wikileaks

  • A January 2010 cable from the U.S Embassy to the Vatican reporting on the Vatican urging the Obama Administration to pursue additional policies of engagement with Cuba, so as to “make it increasingly difficult for Caracas or Havana to blame Cuba's economic and social failures on Washington.”
  • Another from the U.S. Embassy to the Vatican in April 2009 urging greater engagement with Cuba, “in part in rein in Chavez and his acolytes.”
  • An October 2004 cable from Embassy Madrid complaining about Spanish policy toward Cuba. Part of the text is missing.
  • Another from Embassy Madrid, March 2007, expressing disappointment in the Spanish Foreign Minister’s plan to travel to Cuba.

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leftside said...

The emphasis the US Diplomats put on Cuba and Chavez is really amazing, even for those of us who have always believed the US has an overarching agenda to work against socialists. I mean, of all the issues in the world, Cuba routinely is mentioned as the number one isse to bring up with Spain. When Sec. Rice was briefed to meet with Moratinos, her "scene setter" made clear that Cuba was the priority issue. The intense displeasure with Spain's Cuba policy is even more than we thought - and vice versa. At one point, they say it clearly - Spain can not be permitted to "freelance" (ie. have their independent policy) on issues like Cuba. In turn, Spain attacked the US for interfering with the EU Cuba policy making process and of course, going after Spanish companies doing business in Cuba.

I think we Cuba watchers sometimes think we are all alone in caring about this country. But the cables show you just how important Cuba remains to US policy makers. And I venture to say it is not becuause we are so interested in human rights (given all the human rights abuses that are turned a blind eye to in the cables).