Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is Pedro around?

Pedro Alvarez, the former head of Cuba’s food importing agency Alimport, is reported to be in the United States. The Economist reported November 11 that he had been arrested in September and was being questioned. Today’s reports offer no details or proof and all stem from one blogger’s claim that an anonymous source told him Alvarez has reached U.S. territory. We’ll see; by tomorrow I’m sure Miami media will have dug up more.

Alvarez is known to virtually every American who visited Cuba in recent years with even the slightest interest in agricultural sales. Given the number of those contacts and the number of political figures connected to them – and given the chilly state of bilateral relations – one would have to say he is a prominent figure in recent U.S.-Cuba relations even though he did not work in the foreign ministry.

Alvarez lost his wife last November in the AeroCaribbean crash in Sancti Spiritus.


Unknown said...

one os the most corrupt guy in cuba. now he is welcome to the states. is not ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

Mr Peters,

Pedro Alvarez's detention on 11/11/10 comes during the time period that there were ongoing corruption investigations against
Rogelio Acevedo, Ofelia Liptak, Max and Marcel Marambio, Abraham Masique. Also changes in the leadership of the Cuban Central Bank, Cimex, Palacio de Convenciones etc.

Please note also that lately the public hoopla about Max Marambio's corrupt activities has died down, Fidel Castro has made brief favorable references backing his brother's economic reform proposals, and the sequence between the Communist Party Conference to choose new leaders and the Party Conference has been inverted.

In your opinion, is there or could there be a pattern in all that?

Could it be related with power struggles between both Castro brothers?

Specifically could this be caused by Raul Castro's successful efforts to locate and control secret bank accounts his brother
had abroad before forcing him to retire as Secretary General of the Cuban Communist Party?

Do you have any information on anything like this?

Pantaleon Paticruzado

Could it be related