Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Minint video transcribed and now translated

The apparent Cuban Interior Ministry video of a briefing on USAID strategies and operations in Cuba has been transcribed by Cafe Fuerte (pdf) and has now been translated into English by Translating Cuba.

The video is here with a few comments of mine, and some additional comments are here.


Holguin said...

Excellent video .. good find !!! I love reading you blog !! Keep it up !!

Anonymous said...

Has someone checked the veracity of the data offered by the security official?

I have not found in any commercial satelite service th WiFi range of 1-1/2 KM radius from a satellite modem that he mentions. The most I have seen is 100 Meters Inmarsat device!

With respect to client satellite laptops the maximum number I have seen in either broadband or satellite services is five and not the ten he mentions.

Could he be referring to some sort of military satellite communication technology or is the guy simply making the stuff up?

It is hard to believe that he could be trying to disinform the brass in the Cuban Minint.

Or that he could believe that the erroneus information he could be offering would not eventually be discovered and that he would suffer the consequences?

So can anyone tell me what exactly is the source of such information?