Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trial date set for Alan Gross...

...according to this tweet from the State Department spokesman, asserting that the actions of the USAID contractor were "not a crime."

CNN: Trial is set for next Friday, March 4.

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tredway said...

This is not a time for hostile political rhetoric while both the U.S. and Cuba navigate through this trial occuring at a time when neither country can afford to let the situation get out of control. Both countries need to view this trial with a mature diplomacy because the entire world will be watching. For Cuba, that really means EU and Vatican sources that obviously want to see Mr. Gross repatriated to his family as soon as possible. For the U.S., it needs to prove that quiet diplomacy can work and this begins by not openly declaring the innocence of Mr. Gross as Mr. Crowley did with less dexterity than we've seen him do in the past. This trial should be a test of the manner in which both countries have restrained themselves from using hostile political rhetoric during the past two years.