Monday, April 11, 2011

Odds and ends

  • AP: Cuba’s sugar output, still in the tank.

  • Marifeli Perez-Stable also reviews the visit and calls for a more creative approach to USAID programs than the Bush and Obama Administrations have shown.

  • Former Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega launches a new blog, Inter-American Security Watch.

  • Frank Calzon, dreaming that jefe del partido means the same thing here as there.

  • Oscar Elias Biscet is named Cuba’s “most important” dissident in this Herald article, where he says that the Cuban government should enter a dialogue with political opponents so as to avert a civil war. In fairness to Biscet, the civil war comment is not in quotes.

  • Cuba’s country risk, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

  • Café Fuerte has a list of political prisoners freed since last summer.

  • A Georgia company accuses Cuba of “denial of assistance” last December when its tug and barge, en route to Haiti with humanitarian cargo, had engine trouble and were dead in the water offshore of Moa. The barge ran aground and sank. AP story here.

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