Monday, April 25, 2011

Odds and ends

  • Juventud Rebelde: The New York City Labor Chorus performs in Vedado’s John Lennon Park. National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon told the paper that the group represents a U.S. labor movement that is “weakened” but still “maintains itself in some enclaves such as New York.”

  • AP: Interesting changes at Radio Marti.

  • A “comradely greeting” came in from Kim Jong Il II on the occasion of the 6th Party Congress.

  • Cuban Colada: Asked about Raul Castro’s top challenge, the Soviet Communist Party’s former top Cuba hand responds: “The dogmatism and the single-party system that were major restrictions for our country and for other socialist countries. On top of this, there are external factors [like] the ongoing U.S. blockade, which is continuing.”

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