Wednesday, April 27, 2011


“There is a question I’ve formulated on more than one occasion, and that I have recently revived. It goes more or less like this: ‘If I, who detests with every particle of my being the North Korean dynasty, for example, suddenly gathered my intentions and provoked an attack that killed dozens of North Korean civilians, would this effort be enough to call myself, from now on and proudly, an anti-Kim fighter?’

“And if, for example, my firecracker in Pyongyang causes collateral damage and sacrifices a European tourist, then can I call myself anti-dynastic, a fighter against Kim-the-father or Kim-the-son, and be treated like a hero, even though I haven’t touched a single petal on the iron dictatorship, which continues on its course without the least disturbance?”

– “El Pequeno Hermano” blogger Ernesto Morales Licea; his blog is in Spanish and English

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Anonymous said...

attacks against civilians is terrorism. there is no political reason that justifies attacks on innocent civilians -- even George Bush Jr acknowledged that.
and now with the passing of Orlando Bosch, one such terrorist will never be brought to justice on earth.