Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Odds and ends

  • Granma excoriates those Cubans who set up illegal satellite networks and sell access to them, noting that arrests have been made and networks broken up. The article mentions DirecTV and Dish Network links, which sounds like the well known black-market TV operations. It also makes some less-than-clear claims that the United States is financing some of this, including a network that provided international telephone service through independent wireless networks, which sounds like something else altogether. See also AFP English.

  • EFE: Cubans account for one third of those granted asylum in Spain in the past year. A comment on this article complains about the dissidents who came with many family members, received benefits, and “in the end complained to international news media that no one helps them here [in Spain] and they are worse off than in Cuba.”

  • The Cuban Communist Party’s Lineamientos (economic and social policy guidelines) in (unofficial) English translation, courtesy of Mr. Marce Cameron, president of the Sydney (Australia!) University Cuba-Venezuela Solidarity Club.

  • NPR on the new market for cars in Cuba.

  • CNN on the expanding flight service to Cuba.

  • A Vanity Fair slideshow of photos of Michael Dweck from his book Habana Libre.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Peters,

What is not clear to me is whether:

1- The people who were arrested for being connected to satellite internet were able to do so because their relatives abroad paid it or whether they were hooked up to a mesh network of the type that the US state Dpt has been financing and that is being distributed abroad by AID?

2- There is any direct connection between these arrests and the activities that Alan Gross was accused of carrying out in Cuba?

Could you please try to find out more on the subject?