Friday, November 18, 2011

Odds and ends

  • Miami legal eagle Jose Palli writes in the Herald about the new real estate measures in Cuba; some notes of skepticism, some praise for the legal system in Cuba and the attorneys who work in it.

  • Baltimore Sun: Direct flights to Cuba will begin next March from Baltimore-Washington International Airport – that is, if a federal agency can get over the fact that the airport announced the news earlier than federal regulations permit. And if they get the card tables, Versailles franchise, and blue plastic luggage wrapping machines installed in time.

  • Hungry in Fayetteville, NC? Habana Express, run by a local Cuban couple, is a hit.

  • El Nuevo: A group of Miami organizations will hold a vigil in support of the dissident movement in Cuba next Tuesday night at Ponce de Leon Circle in Coral Gables.

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