Monday, November 7, 2011


“The fact is that more than the power to purchase cars or houses, Cubans need freedom, free elections, respect to individual freedoms.”

– former Varela project activist Regis Iglesias Ramírez, now living in the United States, in the Herald

“I’m not sure I like Raúl Castro, but maybe I like what he is doing.”

– a Havana street vendor quoted in the Observer (London)

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brianmack said...

I read the Observer article early Monday morning (11.07.11.) It was thorough and well written. I reflected on the protest days of the sixties. The way Nixon stifled the demonstrations was when he inaugurated
the draft lottery. After the lottery,
those who knew they weren't going to have to go into the service and risk Vietnam rarely went to demonstrations. In short, he cut in half the protests. What I see with the latest news out of Cuba, regarding land ownership/real estate, will probably do the same. How many of the expatriates will dive into the well vs. those who do not will shrink the major political voices in NJ and Florida. That's my opinion.