Monday, June 18, 2012

On brief reflection

Fidel Castro started the month of June with a reflection that he called an “honest clarification” of the military events of May 28, 1957 in the Sierra.

June 9 brought a commentary on President Obama’s use of drones.

Both were the usual essay length. 

Then on the 10th, a short,cryptic note defining an “FC” as his method of passing advice to those responsible for food production.  Sort of like Rumsfeld’s “snowflakes,” we can suppose.  On the 11th, a fond remembrance of Erich Honecker.  On the 12th, a short tribute to boxing great Teofilo Stevenson.  June 13, a compliment on the leadership qualities of former Cuban Olympic great Alberto Juantorena.  June 14, a comment on a “gratuitous insult” committed by Deng Xiaoping.  June 16, a quote from a poem about Che.  Yesterday, an apparent “FC,” somewhat inscrutable.  All of these quite short by anyone’s standards, above all his.

I think he’s getting in shape for Twitter and will open his account in time to cover the summer Olympics.


Unknown said...

he's getting in shape? that's funy. he has to be original nothing like chavez candanga. tweets out of twitter

brianmack said...

Say what you want about Castro but he's made mince meat out of our intelligence department (they had him dead five years ago.) He's still around, looks healthy and has one hell of a signature.

Anonymous said...

Fidel Castro's mind is obsessive and continues to go over and over endlessly about the same events.

Who the heck gives a hoot about the military events that took place sometime in the middle of the last century.

They are as obsolete as the Commander himself.

However, he takes advantage of this control of the Cuban mass media to hoist this story on his long suffering captive audience of 11 million who have no way of avoiding it.

Fidel estamos hasta los mameyes con estos cuentos de Tia Tata!

Hablanos mejor de como has metido la pata!