Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Show me the money

Two recent articles in Trabajadores lament the delay in implementing the incentive pay schemes called for in the Party’s lineamientos last year. 

In restaurants in Santiago, revenues are up but salaries have not been adjusted, and workers are not pleased.  And this survey of Las Tunas province also shows delays in implementing incentive pay.  In one example, an administrator of an organoponico, an urban food growing cooperative, complains that workers receive smaller profit distributions because of the payments that are made to two state enterprises.  He doesn’t like the fact that his workers are helping “to defray the spending of the less productive” in the state sector.  

The articles, and many others like them, seem to show state media being used as a tool to nudge the reform process along, or at least to show the public that there’s official recognition that progress is slow.

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