Monday, June 25, 2012

On the labor front

Granma looks at the ongoing state sector layoffs in this article, where it is argued that the key to the process is for each enterprise to establish fair, transparent criteria for evaluating employee performance.  The article reviews the case of a taxi company where a driver was laid off then reinstated with back pay after the company’s selection process was reviewed.  (After the review, an administrator was fired.)  Among criteria that cannot be included, the article says, are social and union-related factors that have “nothing to do with work performance.”  The article explains how workers can pursue grievances.

And speaking of grievances, this column in Trabajadores discusses the “frequent” complaints the paper receives from workers about failure of state enterprises to pay salaries on time.  Common excuses given by management have to do with “economic difficulties, insolvency, debts, lack of credits, or unpaid receivables.” 

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